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Beauty Works is the leading hair extensions UK specialist, with a wide range of real hair extensions, including clip-in hair extensions, remy hair extensions and human hair extensions. As an award winning human hair extension UK brand, we lead the way with popular hair trends and styles in the industry. Beauty Works is at the forefront of the hair extensions UK market and has a great reputation for offering the best remy hair extensions and human hair extensions.

The products range from luxurious human hair extensions and remy hair extensions which are priced competitively in the beauty sector, to more affordable clip-in hair extensions and cheap hair extension pieces all priced below £30.

Beauty works provide remy hair extensions to celebrities who use our hair extensions to achieve glamorous A-List hair styles. We have a great presence in the UK media and journalists often request our hair extensions for beauty shoots and product features within national magazines. We also work with a range of bloggers who regularly review the clip-in hair extensions and the cheap hair extensions and showcase the pieces that are more affordable to younger online shoppers of Beauty Works products.

We wholesale real hair extensions to salons and stockists in the hair extensions UK market. The most popular real hair extensions used in salons nationwide include remy hair extensions and human hair extensions. Beauty Works have a wide range of hair extensions providing you with a semi-permanent look creating fuller and thicker hair, with a choice of weft human hair extensions or pre-bonded remy hair extensions that come in a large selection of lengths and an array of colours. We have three different remy hair extension wefts, the celebrity choice weft, volume deluxe and the gold lace weft.

The celebrity choice remy hair extension is Beauty Works most popular products with a large choice of length from 14 inch to 24 inch and wide selection of colours. The 120g remy hair extensions are double drawn meaning they are the same thickness from root to tip, the result being thicker and natural looking hair extensions. The Russian/Mongolian human hair extensions are cuticle retained and specially processed to ensure all the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to end, this keeps the real hair extensions from tangling and ensure a smooth texture. The Gold weft hair extensions are the same hair as the celebrity choice but 150g of double drawn remy hair extensions on a flat double wefted lace design allowing professionals to apply hair extensions faster. The third choice of remy hair extensions offered by Beauty Works is the volume deluxe which is 140 grams of remy hair for a thicker, luscious look. The pure volume deluxe remy hair extensions are some of the thickest on the market.

An alternative instead of weft hair extensions are the celebrity favourite, bonded hair extensions. Beauty Works have a line of keratin pre-bonded celebrity choice remy hair extensions that are 50g per pack of loose double drawn remy hair extensions, bonded together with keratin flat-tips. The real hair extensions are soft to touch and full of lustre and retain vitality and elasticity after many months such that it can be reused again. All of these remy hair extensions can be washed and styled like your own hair.

A range of Clip-in hair extensions are also available from Beauty Works, with the deluxe clip-in hair extensions that are 140g of 100% pure remy hair, which fast became a celebrity must have for glamorous hair. The deluxe clip-in hair extensions are double wefted onto our unique lace three piece clip-in hair extension design to ensure thicker hair. Beauty Works offer a cheap hair extension option that is 105g of 100% high quality human hair. The luxury lengths human hair extensions can be wefted into your hair or put on clips that are supplied. These real hair extensions can be washed, blow dried and styled just like normal hair.

The Beauty Works Clip-in hair extensions accessory range is massively popular with both our celebrity clientèle and the growing consumer market. There are remy hair extension pieces available such as the 3/4 volume boost, which is 140g of remy hair extensions and an instant weave that is 190g of remy hair extensions. We use only 100% human hair extensions to create hair pieces that are the best quality and long lasting. Beauty Works offer a synthetic hair extensions piece option, which is considered to be the cheap hair extension range with prices ranging from £25 to £40. These hair extension pieces can be styled into many different on-trend hairstyles such as full luxurious pony tails and updo’s, or styled down giving you big volume red carpet ready hair.