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Sale Professional Hair Extensions

Sale Professional Hair Extensions

Shop exclusive deals on Beauty Works professional hair extensions including: Wefts, Tapes, Pre-Bonded & Micro Ring methods.

    Celebrity Choice Weft

    Shop deals on the Celebrity

    Choice Weft, for extra thick locks

    on a budget.


    Gold Double Weft

    Mega deals on the Gold

    Double Weft, our thickest

    weft extensions, for a super

    luxe mane.


    Balayage Hair Extensions

    Discount on stunning balayage

    shades across our full professional

    extensions range.


    18" Invisi®-Weft

    Save on the award-winning

    Invisi Weft in 18" length.

    With invisible weft



    Mane Attraction Weft

    A weft for less than £100?

    You heard it right! Shop the Mane

    Attraction Weft to restore volume

    & length for less.